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The damage caused by torrential storms, or excessive wind and rain can range from missing shingles, broken windows and water damage all the way to the complete destruction of your home

Alabama’s severe weather can bring heavy winds that can cause serious damage to homes and businesses. Our goal and our promise is quick and efficient service.

From roof repair and debris cleanup to water removal, DEC Construction will provide readily available crews to deal with the aftermath of tornadoes, harsh winds, and wind-driven rains.

24 Hour Emergency Ready to Storm Damage

  • We will have a crew onsite to assess the damage
  • We will secure the property to mitigate damages and prevent further loss
  • We will assess the situation for clean up and restoration and purposes

W e ' r e   g o i n g   t h e   e x t r a   m i l e!

Emergency Service Specialist

24 Hour Emergency Response

• In-depth Damage Assessment
• Water Damage Recovery
• Structural Repairs, Drying and   Cleaning
• Odor Control
• Aqua Dry Heat Trailer
• Dehumidification
• Contents Cleaning
• Replacement of Carpets
• Replacement of Floor  Covering
• Debris Removal
• Sewage Remediation
• Psychometric Drying
• Preserving Un-Flooded Areas
• HVAC Decontamination
• Mold Remediation

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